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texasneopians's Journal

Neopians from Texas!
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Welcome to Texas Neopians! After realizing there were so many neopians who were from Texas, I decided it'd be fun to create this community. Why? Because it's always cool to know that someone close by enjoys the things you do. This community is pretty much open to anything that's related to neopets. Questions, artwork, rants, raves, just about anything!


1. Play nice. By all means, feel free to complain about neopets, but be nice to one another.
2. 16+ please.
3. Please no mass advertisements! Don't use this community as a place to only post your shop ads, trades and auctions. If you have questions about this, please ask.
4. There is no rule #4.

Introduction Survey
(not required, but I prefer you take ten minutes and fill it out, so we can know one another!)

What's your name/alias?
Where in Texas do you live?
Neopets username?

Neopets Questions:
How long have you been playing neopets total?
What's your favorite spieces?
What's your favorite paintbrush color?
What's your favorite petpet?
What's your favorite money making venture on Neopets?
What do you love most about Neopets?
What do you hate about Neopets?
Are you in a guild? If so, tell us about it.
Your proudest Neo-accompliment:
Your current Neo-goal:

Non-Neo Questions:
What do you do outside of playing Neopets?
Do you have any real pets?
What do you like entertainment wise (Music, Movies, TV)?
What do you like on your pizza?

What are your suggestions for this community? Anything you would like to do to help us out? Anything else goes here:

Optional, of course, Post a picture of yourself, your pets, your computer, your boy/girlfriend, whatever you want:
Be kind, use an LJ-cut!

Neopets, Texas style, yeehaw!*

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* Please note: Not all Texans are cowboys. And, go Mavs, go! :p