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Survey says... - Neopians from Texas! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Neopians from Texas!

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Survey says... [Jun. 11th, 2006|06:53 pm]
Neopians from Texas!


[mood |geeky]

What's your name/alias? Keiran, Kiwi, KC, DH
Age? 31
Where in Texas do you live? Garland
Neopets username? dreaminghawk (technically that's now my side account, but my main account has to do with a running thing between me & my best friend and I rarely give that UN out.)

Neopets Questions:
How long have you been playing neopets total?
21.5 months. (It'll be 2 years at the end of August)
What's your favorite species? I can't decide. I love the Kougra, Koi, Cybunny, etc.
What's your favorite paintbrush color? Either Rainbow or Mystery Island.
What's your favorite petpet? I don't know that I can pick here, either. It keeps changing! Some of my top faves, though, are the Plushie & Grey Anubis, Scarabug, Snoogy, Fire Dua, almost all the Faellies, Disco Geb, Halloween Rock, etc.
What's your favorite money making venture on Neopets? Just playing games. I suck at restocking but get lucky with the SSW on occasion.
What do you love most about Neopets? The games.
What do you hate about Neopets? Chat speak, overzealous reporting, boards, etc.
Are you in a guild? If so, tell us about it. I used to be, but I left since I don't ever do anything with it.
Your proudest Neo-accomplishment: So far - either hitting 5mil NP, or my Fruit Machine wins. (So far I've snagged Spotted, White, and Rainbow paintbrushes from the Fruit Machine.)
Your current Neo-goal: The Adam avatar.

Non-Neo Questions:
What do you do outside of playing Neopets? Work (boo-hiss!), chat online with my best friend, watch tv
Do you have any real pets? Yup. 3 cats, 2 dogs, a few fish, and one evil lovebird.
What do you like entertainment wise (Music, Movies, TV)?
    TV: House, LOST, CSI & CSI Miami, Bones.
    Music: Almost anything. I lean towards pop/rock and country though.
    Movies: I don't go very often.
What do you like on your pizza? Normal crust, light sauce, extra cheese. Sometimes with pepperoni. Or the BLT pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. (It's actually CPK's "fault" that I now eat light or no sauce on my pizza.)

What are your suggestions for this community? Anything you would like to do to help us out? Anything else goes here: ummmmm no idea? I suck at community suggestions. :[

Optional, of course, Post a picture of yourself, your pets, your computer, your boy/girlfriend, whatever you want: I'll post a few pics of my critters, since they're my babies.

My baby, Mali. On her pillow on my PC desk (which is built into a closet) and in the bathroom sink, rubbing on the spout.




I don't have any decent ones of Ranger by himself, so one of Mav & Ray together will have to do.

Dublin. That beak is SHARP and he knows how to use it.

Mali is a Siamese mix, with adorable mottled markings. Gypsy is a very overweight Tonkinese mix. Windy is a domestic long hair mix. All three girls are rescue kitties from Operation Kindness.

Ranger is an over-sized Yorkshire Terrier and Maverick is a slightly overgrown blue merle Shetland Sheepdog. And yes, both pure-blood pups are named after our local sports teams. Poor Mav is so confused lately, since he keeps hearing his name constantly coming from the TV.

Dublin is my (vicious) lovebird who refuses to bond with anyone. He would much rather attack. He loves to sit on your shoulder and bite your earlobes. In fact, he tried to yank out the hoop at the top of my ear last week.

[User Picture]From: lucky397
2006-06-12 01:23 am (UTC)
ohh pretty kitties
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[User Picture]From: keiran
2006-06-12 01:54 am (UTC)
Thank you!
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