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I'm a little behind on posting... - Neopians from Texas! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Neopians from Texas!

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I'm a little behind on posting... [Jun. 12th, 2006|04:21 pm]
Neopians from Texas!


[mood |calmmm.. happy pills...]
[music |Law and Order]

Sooo, I'm finally getting around to doing my intro post. Gah... I'm a slacker ::snerks::

What's your name/alias? Goddess Cat, K, Kel
Age? 22
Where in Texas do you live? Keller/Fort Worth/Chilton Hall, UNT ::sighs::
Neopets username? decoratecat

Neopets Questions:
How long have you been playing neopets total? I actually started playing back in 2002 and kept it up until the summer of 2003, then I moved and lost the account. This current one is only 20mos old.
What's your favorite spieces? Cybunnies and Zafaras {I have a rabbit obsession}
What's your favorite paintbrush color? Darigan, Grey, and Plushie
What's your favorite petpet? Mmm.. Ganuthors are pretty cute, as are most of the Altador and Meridell pets
What's your favorite money making venture on Neopets? Mostly games, though I will usually sell good items from quests.. when I get good items ::rolls eyes::
What do you love most about Neopets? Gah.. it amuses me for hours on end! Games, avatars, the plots, etc. When I first started playing I was grounded and couldn't leave the house, so it helped pass the months days
What do you hate about Neopets? The lags when the site is busy, UGH!
Are you in a guild? If so, tell us about it. Yea... but it doesn't really do much. Ours started out good.. but now it's quiet again ::sighs:: I'm thinking about joining a new one..
Your proudest Neo-accompliment: :laughs: Breaking 100,000- sad, I know. Also, getting brushes from the Fruit Wheel, the Paint brush phantom dude.. of course they aren't the ones I want, but oh well!
Your current Neo-goal: Darigan PB for Havika, my Zafara.

Non-Neo Questions:
What do you do outside of playing Neopets? There's life outside Neopets?! Oh. Right. Go to school at UNT, major in Behavior Analysis, work out, play/ref volleyball, attempt to write but my muse is being vindictive again, play with PSP X, smother my Bichons with lurve, hang out with the boy, drink Jack and Tonic {very tasty}, ramble and prattle endlessly, TA for the Dept.
Do you have any real pets? Two Bichons: Hastings, 7yrs, Duncan, 2yrs
What do you like entertainment wise (Music, Movies, TV)? Law and Order obsessed, Food Network is a close second obsession, Cartoon Network {e.g. Foster's Home, Grim Adventures}. My music taste is eclectic, ranging from Opera, Andrew Lloyd Webber, to Flyleaf, Coheed and Cambria and even further to Billy Joel, Roxette, Bon Jovi, Sinatra. Movies: Princess Bride, Willow, Bill Murray flicks
What do you like on your pizza? pineapple and ham, artichoke hearts are tasty too!

What are your suggestions for this community? Anything you would like to do to help us out? Anything else goes here: Umm.. A section for different, helpful links would be nice. My expertise in PSP is limited, but I can always try to create icons if people want ::shrugs:: Oh yea.. I'm rooting for Avery to win, and the team playing opposite the Heat {I loathe Shaq}. I can't root for the Mavs directly because I'm a Spurs fan ::grins::

Optional, of course, Post a picture of yourself, your pets, your computer, your boy/girlfriend, whatever you want:

First, the my boys!

That's Duncan, Thane of Hillcrest.. he's a hairball. I mean, seriously.. the dog goes from groomed to dustmop in a matter of seconds.

This is Master Hastings Zippy the Only. He's our proper, English gentleman ::grins::

Meh. This is me about.. 7/8mo ago. Make the hair longer and subtract about 15lbs. I'll eventually get back in front of a camera ::snickers::

Me and the boy, same night as the previous picture. Subtract his beard/growth

Ok.. I'm done now.

[User Picture]From: auroraskye
2006-06-12 10:27 pm (UTC)
hi and welcome. you're pretty and you and your boy are cute together.. love fluffy white dogs as well. ;)

and achieving any neo goal regardless of how small is great!
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[User Picture]From: goddesschat
2006-06-12 10:32 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Dustmops with legs are the best!
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[User Picture]From: lyquidphyre
2006-06-12 11:48 pm (UTC)
Hey! I know you... kinda.... =o)

(dentontx - I go to UNT, too)
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[User Picture]From: goddesschat
2006-06-13 03:13 am (UTC)
::laughs:: There's a couple of us I think from that community. Once I realized you were from TX I remembered that I'd seen your sn on the denton community ::grins:: Yea for fellow UNTers!
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